Pick and Place

Pick and Place

NBC Print Finishing offer a "Pick and Place" or "Tipping on" service. Using state of the art equipment from Sigma and Herzog + Heymann.

A vast array of flat or three dimensional objects including Coins and Condoms can be applied to almost any substrate or carrier.

NBC apply Cards, Leaflets, Fridge Magnets and Sachets in or off-line with other print finishing operations such as plow folding and gluing.

We can also open the cover of a magazine or folded section to apply the item inside, loose leaf or glued with peelable glue.

With our Camera Matching System you can guarantee the complete integrity of your mailing every time.


Pick and Place sample attatching

Sample Attaching

Flow Wrapped products and Cosmetic Samples can be applied at high speed to Letterheads or Compliment Slips.

Pick and Place Window Patching

Window Patching 

Die cut or Pre-creased windows can be applied to cartons or envelope blanks in or off line with folding and gluing.

pick and Place Gift Card Attaching

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Gift cards can be affixed to a backing card with euro slots for retail display.