MBO B30 Folding Machine

Leaflet Folding

Whether you require 50 or 1,000,000+ leaflets  folding, we have the capability to deliver. Utilising techni-fold creasing, in-line shrink wrapping and multi up stacking enables us to offer our clients a fast, high quality service.

Stahl Folding Machine

  Map Folding

Our multi plate machines and knife folding units make light work of maps and timetables. A maximum of 14 parallel folds are possible.

Pharmaceutical Folding

Minimum fold 15mm


MBO Folding Machine controls

Gate Folding/Spine Gluing

With the latest equipment from Heidelberg, gate folded products are easily produced with the option of a peelable glue seal for mailing. We also offer spine gluing as an alternative to stitching.