New Anti-Bacterial Laminate

NEW Anti-Bacterial Laminating


Max Sheet Size - 74 cm x 102 cm

Min Sheet Size – SRA3

Paper Weight - 90 gsm to 650 gsm

Thermal Matt

  • Good durability with a non reflective surface   



  • Works well single or doulble sided

Thermal Gloss

  • Good durable Gloss finish to protect and enhance print                       


  • It has a high transparency and great resistence to oil and water

Power-Stick Gloss

  • A gloss film for digital print



  • Has a 50% higher adhesion than normal film

Power-Stick Matt

  • It has a none reflective surface


  • Ideal for digital print

  • Suitable for gluing and foil blocking

Digi-Stick Anti-Scuff

  • High anti-scuff properties with a matt finish

  • Perfect for saddle stitch covers

Soft Touch Prestige

  • Enhances the colours of the original print


  • Provides a luxurious and suede like feel

Soft Touch Smudge Resistant

  • Eliminates finger prints

  • The surface is ideal for processes including foiling and UV varnish

Digi-Stick Soft Touch

  • Soft touch film for digital print with adherence


  • A luxury scuff resistant finish

Pro-Shield Anti-Scuff

  • Anti-scuff matt film
  • Protects against scuffs in your final laminated products


  • It is glueable, printable and foilable

Anti-Bacterial Gloss

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria

  • High gloss finish 


  • Matt satin finish

  • Anti-reflective 


  • Ideal for UV varnish

Anti-Bacterial Matt

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria


  • Flat matt finish

Fine Linen

  • Tear and stretch resistent

  • Anti-bacterial properties

  • Embossed surface

SBS Gloss

  • High gloss 


  • Super transparent

  • High resistence to tearing/peeling

Biox Gloss

  • Environmentally friendly film

  • Biodegradable 

  • High gloss finish

Thermal Sandy

  • Unsurpassed matt finish

  • Anti-scuff

  • Low curl 

SBS Matt

  • Flat matt finish


  • High resistence to tearing/peeling

Biox Matt

  • Environmentally friendly film
  • Biodegradable

  • Flat matt finish